Do you know that your husband still spends time around you? Do you know he loves you and is proud of you, and he guides you and encourages you regularly? Well I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he in fact does, and always will.  There are threads of unconditional love that connect you to all of your loved ones, and all of these threads create the beautiful tapestry we call life. Energy never dies, so when a soul leaves its body on the physical plane it only changes forms, and that thread remains intact and even strengthens.  Your departed loved ones are still connected to you, still supporting and inspiring you, still helping to weave your tapestry daily. The relationship just looks a little different now.

Honestly, I’m not sure how people survive such a deep and life altering loss without this belief.  Outside of our children, the only thing that holds me together most days is that thread. I have been fortunate enough to have had readings with mediums, and also to be a developing medium myself.  Because of this, in many ways I am in constant and continued conversation with my husband, and some days it really does feel like death is just another room.  Some days at least.  Unfortunately, as a medium, it does not make me immune to the very human experience of the earth shattering, gut wrenching grief and heartache that I also feel every moment of the day. What it does do however, is give me the courageous ability to get up every day and move forward with him rather than move on from him.  I’m still married, my husband just doesn’t have a physical body housing his spirit anymore. He’s in another room now. A room so close I can feel it and sometimes even see it, because heaven isn’t some far off place in the clouds, its right here with us every day, in another room.

I know as fellow widows you know the vast and hopeless canyon losing your spouse creates.  But I know that your husband is with you every single day, just as much as mine is with me, and I want to let you know that you can learn his new language and learn how his presence feels now.  We are all spirit and have the divine right and ability to communicate and connect with all souls, and you don’t need to be a professional medium to do it. With a little intentional practice and some patience, you will find he’s all around you every single day. And from experience, let me tell you, it’s transformative to feel his presence so near. It alleviates some of that pain and fills that canyon with love again. So while it’s so important to feel all of your emotions, even the heavy, hard and hopeless ones, what I encourage you to do is to find moments where you can transcend the hollow cavern of grief and vibrate in the joy of the unconditional and eternal love that those threads weave in your tapestry. When you can find these moments you’ll feel the magic that connects you, you’ll feel the hope he wants you to know is so alive. You’ll feel that thread tug at your heart in such an undeniable way that you’ll know, beyond the same shadow of a doubt that I do, that he is still so tangibly with you every single day and always will be.


Piper is a 33 year old widow and mother of two old souls. She, a creative and headstrong woman, and her husband, an adventurous mountain loving man, met in their late teenage years through mutual friends. Over the course of a couple years they developed a fun and adventurous friendship and eventually couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love. Finally, after marriage and almost a decade together they had their first child, a boy, and daddy’s little adventure buddy. 18 months later they became pregnant with their second child, another little boy to adventure with. Halfway through the pregnancy, her husband unexpectedly took his life in March of 2020. Since then, in the continued midst of devastatingly deep and heart wrenching grief, Piper has bravely given birth in the middle of a pandemic, enrolled back in university, become a student of reiki and is also a developing psychic medium - a skillset her husbands spirit seems to have awakened within her. A transformational part of her healing journey has been recognizing how very close the other side is, close enough to even touch. Her goal is to help guide struggling and grieving souls through spiritual council and connection to their crossed over loved ones using mediumship, psychology, spirituality, philosophy and energy work.