Life’s Disappointments

After losing our spouse, we live experience one of life’s biggest disappointments. It is a moment where we cannot articulate our emotions without tears racing down our face. At times it feels like we have just placed a ten-pound weight on our chest. The disappointment of losing our spouse, having to figure out how to handle life, and creating a new norm is heartbreaking. Many of our family and friends don’t understand that who we were before has now drastically changed. Life has handed us the unexpected. Although we repeat the vows and end them with “till death do us part,” we are never really prepared when it happens. We are not ready for finalizing the funeral plans for our spouse. It never entered our hearts that we would watch our children grow up without sharing those moments together. Our plan was never to crawl into bed only to feel an empty space on the other side. Facing these daunting and disappointing times sends us into a dark place where we hide behind the curtain of life.

Moving from Behind the Curtain

However, once we start peer from behind the curtain of disappointments, we will begin to see that those disappointing times can help us move forward. With every disappointment, we are faced with two options: 1.) a time when we reflect and move forward or 2.) a time when we retract and stand still. It is our choice. I encourage each of you to move forward, even when the disappointments seem overwhelming. Every day you awake is another day for a new career opportunity, time with family and friends, or a moment to reflect on the love you shared with your spouse. Sure, you may not be on top of the world, but you have a chance to take one step in that direction.

Unexpected moments happen in our lives. Nevertheless, through those moments we learn valuable lessons, gain wisdom, and learn to love again. Walk through the disappointments of life. As you walk, remember that you are a treasure more than gold. Your life matters to family, friends, and those whose life you will touch along the way.

Keep moving forward because giving up is not an option!


After being married for 6 years, 11 months, and 23 hours, Sharon L. Grant instantly became a member
of a “club” that no one desires to join, because the membership fee is too high (losing a spouse).
However, 19 years later, Sharon has reached a pinnacle in her life that has catapulted her to experience
the true love of God. Through the devastation of losing her husband and having to raise their two
daughters, who were three and one at the time of his death; Sharon finally understood that her life was
a “comma”, not a “period.” This transition caused a “pause” in her life, but it was not the “end” of her

Sharon is a mother, minister, motivational speaker, and author of two books, “Giving Up is Not an
Option: The Purpose for the Pain” and “Giving Up is Not an Option: Devotions from the Heart (a 90-day
devotional). Each of these books chronicle Sharon’s journey from hurt to healing and from tragedy to
triumph. After becoming an author, Sharon found other’s that wanted to write their story. From that
discovery, as of January 2018, Sharon created Ready to Write (RTW), a program that assists new authors
in writing their story. Sharon provides one-on-one writing instruction via onsite and online. Her desire is
to make an impact upon the lives of others, as they make an impact through their stories. For more
information, please visit or contact Sharon at

As a blog writer for Hope for Widows, Sharon’s desire is to share transparent moments, valuable
information, quirkiness, and laughable moments. Her blogs will cause you to think, feel, laugh, and enjoy
every moment of your life. She will remind you that YOUR life still has a purpose and a plan, but it is up
to you to walk the journey.