Today is opening day for the Cincinnati Reds and its an amazingly beautiful day outside. As I sit here writing and people watching something came to. Which was I realized that there’s a lot of people in the world who have never experience real true love from a mate. And I can’t even imagine what that would feel like, because God truly blessed My Devan and I with that. If wishes were real I would wish that every single person in the world could feel what that is like.

 Now, I am not saying that people aren’t with their mate. But the question becomes are you in love with them? Because loving someone and being in love is different. Let me explain what that means to me.

 We all love people in different ways right?!  We love our children differently than we love our sisters, brothers, friends and even people we don’t even know. How many times has someone that you don’t know said to you “love you”.  Maybe someone that you see on a regular via social media yet, never met? They don’t personally know you but because of who they see they are drawn to. Our children automatically get unconditional love from parents. We even have a special love for our parents correct?!

Well, all of those don’t compare to the love that you have when you are with the persons God created for you and you for. 

Allow me to go even deeper when we carry our children inside of us before they enter into the world there’s a bond being created that is between mom and baby. When the babies born the bond becomes with dad once he touches and creates a bond. Our children are the only ones to hear our heartbeat from the inside. And as strong & amazing as that bond is, it’s still different from your soulmate. 

A soulmate to me is someone that mirrors and matches who you are and will be. (Of, course you can have a soulmate with friends, etc) that’s not what I am talking about in this blog. I am speaking about the intertwining being made one. My Devan was my soulmate for his time here in the world. We would always say “He was the male version of me and I was the female version of him” If that makes sense! We would say the same thing while not even being in the same room at times.

 People would say Devan just told me that or Kim just said what you said. That’s how connected we were when he hurt I would hurt. If and when he was sad I was also sad. People started to say that we started looking like one another because we had been together for so long.  I was able to feel him even when we were around each other when I thought about him I would smile (still do) He was so super fun and could make me laugh even when I was upset. We were so in sync and neither one of us ever imagined not being in this world together.

 I love everything about him. I mean everything and he knew that because we told each how we felt and we also showed each other.  My Devan never heard my heartbeat from the inside however he heard my heart beat by laying his head on my heart. We could communicate simply by our eyes which were coerced. What I am saying is that My Devan and I were connected in every way. And the most important of all of this is that we were a true praying couple. God was always the lead in our marriage it was the three of us. Jesus is the reason we completed our marriage all the way through – till death do us part- 

So as I sit here at this moment I PRAY that everyone has a chance to experience this type of love, the deep-rooted connection of true unconditional love. The love that makes it all worthwhile, the love that makes you keep your towel even when you may sometimes feel like throwing it in. 

Every single person in this world has a right to this type of love and there’s someone that God has created for you. Allow Him to send them to you if you’re a woman. And if you’re a man reading this, allow God to show you who He has created for you! I promise it will be worth the wait.

And I must also offer this because someone is thinking “well I already had my soulmate so does that mean that I am going to be alone for this next part of my life”. Of course not, I believe that once you have completed your assignment with who God gave you He will absolutely send and show you who is next. Therefore, do not fret just wait for God and in the meantime keep loving others and allow others to love you. And most importantly never stop trusting and loving God!

~Kimberly Nicole Johnson~ for more information on how to keep going!