JOY – yes, it is out there waiting for you!!

After loss we assume it’s all doom & gloom from here on out.

A future that includes a joyful moment, a smile and perhaps even happiness seems impossible to imagine.

But, joy is possible!!

                         “There’s one thing I cannot change.  It’s the past.

                                                                           I live in the present.”

                         – Dr Edith Eger, Holocaust survivor, psychologist and author

Accept joy.

You will always remember & honour your loved one.

Often, there is guilt associated with pleasure. We question if we have a right to joy. Yes! We do. We are alive and we can choose to survive and thrive.

Death is part of life AND so is joy.

JOY – funny – uplifting – heart-warming – delightful – unimaginable – JOY


Joy is mischievous. It slides into your life very quietly and you may not even realize it has enveloped you.

Everyone’s journey is personal & unique.

Little by little. Moment by moment. You are healing.

Your body will also thank you. There are so many proven positive effects of happiness including less body aches, reduced anxiety and a stronger immune system.

Best of all, it can feel SO good to accept joy back into your life.

Try it on. Can you embrace it?

Loss can lead to more intense joy.

Ironically, life’s joyful moments often become even more treasured following great loss. This is because we are now deeply aware how precious and fleeting life can be.

So, when I am invited to join a friend, I drop my plans. I try to stop for a moment to appreciate the sunshine on a dull day. When my kids call, I race thru the house to find my phone & when my grandkids zoom with me, I cherish our time together.

Of course, not every moment is perfect and I recognize that life has forever changed us


on difficult days it’s helpful to remember that joy is just outside the room waiting to be invited inside.

It is not always easy to open the door but it is always worth the effort.

In time, the darker days will be filled with more moments of light & joy.

And, that makes living in the present a gift.

Forever evolving,




On May 20, 2014, Susan’s world came crashing down. Her 54-year old husband passed unexpectedly of a heart attack. The years since have been a whirlwind of emotion, trauma & joy (yes, she said joy, thanks mostly to the birth of her grandchildren).

Over the next 5 years, Susan experienced additional heartache following the death of her dad & both of her brothers. She knew her only way to make sense of all her grief was to find a way to use her experiences to help others.

Now, armed with a grief educators certificate from David Kessler, a coaching certificate, her learned experience and inspiration she has set out to make a difference in the lives of the bereaved.

Living with loss is a lifetime challenge. When someone dies, friends and family rally around the bereaved for a short time. Soon after, the conversation changes from one of comfort to one of anticipation and judgement. The bereaved are given a time frame to “get over it”. This antiquated notion leaves no option but to grieve in silence. Often silence can become isolating and cause mental and physical health issues.

Susan educates society on how to help those who are grieving by using her voice to speak up and share her learned and lived knowledge.

Susan encourages collaboration and dialogue so please reach out to her at evolve beyond grief on her website, Facebook and Instagram.