I know the pain you’re going through because I’ve been there too. 

Losing my husband was the most challenging and heart-wrenching experience of my life. The months that followed felt like climbing a never-ending mountain of grief, with every step heavier than the last. 

But amidst the darkness, something unexpected happened. 

Love found its way back into my life, and it lifted me over the peak of despair, breathing new life into my heart.

Never Saw It Coming

At first, I couldn’t fathom the idea of loving again. The fear of being hurt once more held me back, and I thought my heart would never be whole again. 

However, life has a way of surprising us. 

Unexpected love doesn’t come with a roadmap; it unfolds in the most surprising ways. It catches us off guard, just when (and often where) we least expect it.

And that’s exactly what happened to me.

The right man, at the right time. 

He offered the support and companionship I needed during my healing process. 

When I couldn’t breathe through the tears, he held me close. 

In moments of joy, he helped me find my laugh again. 

Together, we’re navigating the difficult journey of grief and loss, and he has become my rock, my source of strength.

Trusting My Intuition

I admit, I was hesitant and cautious at first. Trauma and grief had changed my perspective on love and relationships, making me doubt my instincts. But I’m learning to trust my intuition once again. 

I recognized the green flags – the positive signs of a healthy and loving partnership – so I decided to follow my heart. 

 And it was worth it. 

Allowing myself to explore this new connection has led to a happiness and healing I didn’t think was possible.

Learning from Loss

Through this unexpected love, I also recognize the lessons I’ve learned from my past experiences. I approach this new relationship with a deeper understanding of the importance of communication, emotional honesty, and self-awareness. These lessons guide me toward a healthier and more fulfilling love that I cherish every day.

In this new relationship, I vow not to suppress my feelings or dismiss what bothers me. My emotions matter, and I deserve to be heard. Every day and every interaction hold significance, and I embrace the importance of speaking my mind and expressing my emotions openly. This vulnerability creates a safe space for healing and growth, and it brings us closer together.

Breaking the silence and reclaiming my voice is empowering. I realize that prioritizing my well-being and expressing my needs and concerns is essential for a healthy relationship. I made a firm commitment never to remain silent again, valuing my feelings and embracing open communication.

Love That Empowers

This unexpected love has brought me so much more than I ever thought possible. Through this newfound connection, I rediscovered my strength, my passion, and my sense of self. It’s a partnership where we grow together while maintaining our individuality and it’s helped me find healing in my heart.

I share my story with you not to tell you what to do, but to offer hope. New love will never replace the love we lost, and it doesn’t mean we forget our past, but it can bring us joy and healing. 

Trust your heart, trust your intuition, and know that you deserve love and happiness in your life. It’s OK to love again. When and if the time is right. 💖


Krystal's own story began when she discovered the healing power of yoga, which eventually led her to open her own studio. However, her life took a dark turn when her husband was charged with sexual abuse against a minor and subsequently passed away. Despite her immense grief, Krystal knew she had to find the strength to persevere for the sake of her five children.

Through months of self-care, self-intimacy, and self-empowerment, Krystal discovered a new level of resilience and inner strength. Now, as an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, and women's empowerment coach, she is on a mission to help other moms and widows find hope and healing in their own lives.

If you are a widow who is struggling to find hope and strength in the face of adversity, Krystal Casey is here to support you. Connect with her through https://krystalcasey.com for resources, inspiration, and guidance on your journey to healing and empowerment. Remember, you are not alone, and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.