3rd Annual Widows of Hope VIRTUAL 5K is back with the partnership of The Mighty!

Run outside, use a treadmill, walk the dog, walk solo, hit the track or a trail, get a group together and create a team – it’s your place and pace.

Say Their Name. Remember. Honor.

The purpose of the virtual 5K (3.1 miles) is to get everyone active while bringing attention to the more than 245 million women around the world who are widowed and the challenges of losing a spouse, and most importantly honoring your loved one.  Anyone can join! Whether you’re a widow or a widower or a friend/family member showing support, everyone’s welcomed to participate. The deadline to register is Friday, October 18Recruit your friends and family to join you as you walk in honor of your spouse or a cause.

In addition to showing support for widows across the globe, you will earn cool bragging rights and an awesome finisher’s medal. Proceeds will benefit Hope for Widows Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization national support system for, and developed by, widowed women which connects new widows with other widows to offer peer-to-peer support and other resources.

This year we were honored to implement the Restoring Hope and Peace Grant and awarded a widowed mother of two with a financial grant to assist her through her cancer journey.  Also, this year we provided significant assistance by supporting hope sister’s through their grief journey such as grief books and workshops, purchasing needed items for their home, their kids, or on the lighter side  a day at the spa for self-care, journals to help them express their feelings,  focusing on themselves to buy them something they like; as they are worthy too….and so much more!   Initiatives like this 5k will help us increase our assistance to our widow community.

To sign up and review details please visit here: 2019 Annual Widows of Hope Virtual 5k Run/Walk  Or visit The Mighty link here:  The Mighty Parternship

Be sure to take plenty of pictures and upload them to social media (for possible feature) using hashtag:  #WidowsofHope5K

What are some of the Hope Sister’s saying about our Community: 

“I started looking for groups online for people like me and came across Hope for Widows. I read the posts daily from other women struggling with the same things I’ve found myself struggling with and realized very quickly that I’m not alone. There are women all over the world, at different stages of their
lives, just trying to live one day at a time with this title that was forced upon us. I’ve witnessed people finding new love, exploring parts of the world by themselves, and learning how to live after death. That gives me hope that someday I will find the same thing. I know I’m stronger than I was 5 years ago and I’ve learned that I can do so much more than I ever thought I could. All because I have to live on,
not only for my 2 boys, but for myself as well. ”  Hope Sister, South Hutchinson, KS

“Hope for Widows Foundation has allowed me to find a community of women who understand all the growing pains of being a widow. When your having a bad day you can go on there and reach out to them. I witnessed one a day a lady on the verge of Suicide she posted reaching out. I got to watch all of these hurting women come to her rescue love on her and truly understand how you can’t do life alone. The lady was able to go to a facility and get help because she had our Hope for Widows Foundation Facebook page. She found help and I found hope that I am not alone in this journey anymore. Thank you! ” Hope Sister, Cartersville, GA

“You have helped me open up about my grieving before I found you I would stay to myself I would hardly talk to anyone I didn’t want to smile they have helped me Express my feelings openly.” – Hope Sister, Odessa, Tx

“It has been helping me to feel that I am not going crazy. It has helped to see what the other ladies
are going through. It’s kept me from feeling so all alone. Plus, it is a safe place to be able to share without judgement. Plus, it has helped me to see that there is life after losing your best friend. Everyone treats each other with genuine respect, kindness and love. This has been a place where I feel safe and that I may be able to learn how to move forward and to not be so scared and overwhelmed.” – Hope Sister, Paso Robles, CA

“That although you may not want to.. Or you’ll think it’s not possible. You CAN live! You CAN get through this. One day at a time. And last but not least.. You DON’T have to do it alone!! This an amazing group of woman/foundation that know too well how it feels to go through such suffering. Life really is a beautiful thing. EVERY woman deserves to feel cared for. Like this group has been there for me when I needed understanding. I’ll be there with an open ear for anyone that needs that same understanding.”- Hope Sister, Fenton, Missouri



While working full time, Chasity is also involved with several volunteer organizations that include grief facilitation, bereavement support at local hospices and leading several online grief resources. Her passion and heart is to serve and help others. She is currently one of the Executive Directors for Hope for Widows Foundation.

Chasity is also a co-author of a book titled ‘The Unwelcome Committee’ which was published in November 2016. It shares three different perspectives of becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief overall.

Chasity met her late husband at the young age of eighteen. In June of 2009, her life would forever change when she lost her husband suddenly in a lake drowning at the age of thirty four years old. Finding out who she was again, raising her son and living life to the fullest even after this tragedy was a mission she was eager to accomplish.

Chasity enjoys volunteering, traveling, sporting events, writing and spending time with her family and friends.