Spring Season as Teacher
By Ajai Blue-Saunders, Hope for Widows blogger


I’ve always had this fascination with trees. As a little girl growing up in Ohio, I’d sit in my room which faced the front of our house and watch cars and people walking by but give more attention to that big blackberry tree. If you know anything about tall, full-leafed blackberry trees, they’re also very messy. When those juicy, full, ripe berries drop and smash on the ground.  That same tree I admired from the safety of my window, became something I avoided. It became one of my first lessons on the dichotomy of nature.
The beauty of various trees and the season of spring still hold a special place in my heart, but for a multitude of different reasons. The balmy air, strong active winds, the peeking of once hidden flowers from the ground, invites a sense of awe.

It’s been 5 years since my husband suddenly died. With no warning, our lives were caught up in a whirlwind and devastated by the winds and storms of life. We’ve witnessed the ground shaking and moving, while trying to grasp on to hope and believe in the dreams we once had.

As a mom it is my job to restore and maintain a sense of calm. Even during physical storm, I must speak words of encouragement and exhibit a posture of confidence. But my heart constanting pounds with fear. Branches broken, debris swirling in the air as the storm ends, and finally makes way for the peaceful horizon.
Surveying the results- there’s external and internal damage present. Similarly, we too continue to stand under the weight of losing the strong warrior of the house. He kept the ground from shaking and brought stability to our lives.

Suddenly comes Spring with her way of exposing her strength. She shows us that after each terrible, devastating storm, there is another opportunity to witness glorious blooming flowers.  We too, after a season of hurts and deep grief can once again bloom where were are.

Just like a tree- firmly grounded on faith and hope of better days to come.



Ajai Blue-Saunders is a servant leader and works for a nonprofit in the Richmond VA area. She is always seeking ways to encourage and serve others, even while experiencing the sudden death of her husband in 2015. Her work experience includes project development, herbalist, management, supervision and overseeing several companies and nonprofits.

Ajai has a heart for the disability community and serves on many local and national boards. She currently is solo parenting an artistic adult daughter with disabilitiies and together they are navigating this life with faith and love. She currently runs a widow's support group that meets monthly sponsored by a local funeral home which provides a safe place for widows to experience their grief journey with love and compassion.