Hope for Widows Foundation is excited to share their new partnership with Sanity  &  Self.


Sometimes a little self-care is all you need.


It’s time to take care of YOU.

Sanity & Self is a guided  wellness  women only app  that  helps  women  squeeze  in  time  to  take care of themselves  through  short,  interactive  audio  sessions  guided  by  mindfulness,  fitness  and  personal  growth  experts.  No  matter  if  you  have  two  minutes  or  an  hour,  Sanity  &  Self  gives  you  quick  and  easy  ways  to  re-energize,  recharge  and  restore.  Through  a  community  of  peers  and  experts,  women  can  connect  on  the  topics  that  are  important  to  them,  whether  it’s  wellness,  feel-good  workouts,  parenting  or  more,  and  get  the  support  they  need.  Women  spend  all  day  caring  for  others,  but  women  need  care  for  themselves,  too.  Old  models  of  self-care  don’t  work  because  they’re  not  efficient  or  don’t  solve  for  the  whole  woman’s  wellbeing  –  Sanity  &  Self  is  the  only  destination  dedicated  to  getting  your  mind,  body  and  soul  the  self-care  you  deserve.  Hundreds of sessions from experts in sleep, massage, beauty, running, self-empowerment, personal training, yoga, breathing, meditation and more.


Lose the stress with guided meditation and breathing sessions.


Boost your energy with feel-good workouts.


Get better sleep with relaxing bedtime rituals.


Key Features include:


➢One  destination  for  self  care  at  an  affordable  price: Sanity  &  Self  is  the  one-stop  shop  for  self  care.  It’s  the  only  app  that  brings    mindfulness,  body,  fitness  and  personal  growth  practices  to  one  destination.

➢Sessions  guided  by  experts  in  mindfulness,  body,  fitness  and  wellness:  The  app  has  experts  to  guide  you  and  includes  music-backed  audio  and  video  sessions  with  breathing  exercises,  meditation,  feel-good  workouts,  massages,  relaxing  beauty  routines,  sleep  sessions,  self-empowerment  and  more.

➢Built  with  busy  schedules  in  mind:  Today’s  women  are  busier  than  ever.  Sanity  &  Self  accommodates  busy  schedules  with  sessions  that  range  from  2  minutes  to  45  minutes.

➢Get  support  and  meet  women  in  the  community:  Sanity  &  Self  provides  women  with  a  community  where  they  can  lean  on  each  other  for  support,  help  out  others  by  sharing  their  experiences  and  be  connected  with  not  only  peers,  but  also  experts  in  fitness,  mental  wellbeing,  mindfulness  and  more.


Hope for Widows Foundation members can use the promo code HEALINGHAPPENS when you visit here. 

This will give you 30 days of premium subscription for FREE.  Where you can see if you like and enjoy! Note the app is currently available for Apple, with availability for Android coming soon. It will cost as little as $6.67 /month for a 6 month subscription.

Visit their website to learn more at:  https://www.sanityandself.com


Self-care isn’t selfish.
Self-care together is better


While working full time, Chasity is also involved with several volunteer organizations that include grief facilitation, bereavement support at local hospices and leading several online grief resources. Her passion and heart is to serve and help others. She is currently one of the Executive Directors for Hope for Widows Foundation.

Chasity is also a co-author of a book titled ‘The Unwelcome Committee’ which was published in November 2016. It shares three different perspectives of becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief overall.

Chasity met her late husband at the young age of eighteen. In June of 2009, her life would forever change when she lost her husband suddenly in a lake drowning at the age of thirty four years old. Finding out who she was again, raising her son and living life to the fullest even after this tragedy was a mission she was eager to accomplish.

Chasity enjoys volunteering, traveling, sporting events, writing and spending time with her family and friends.